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Nice to meet you! 
I'm Tiffany Sparrow

Music + embodied wellness is my jam. It's my passion. This is because I've experienced what it can do myself.
As a teen and young adult, I struggled with eating disorders and debilitating low self-esteem myself. Music and embodied mindfulness were a big part of my own healing when traditional therapies didn't work. It helped me unpack the transform in ways words could not.
The immersions, 1 on 1 sessions, performances and trainings I offer are inspired and informed by my own experiences and fueled by my desire to help others use music and mind-body practices as powerful tools for healing, body confidence and mental health. 

I'm a music sound therapist, musician, yogi and healer. I help spiritual leaders and practitioners find their voice, feel at home in their body and connect with their own healing abilities through sacred sound and embodied healing.

I have a degree in music therapy (BMT, MTA) as well as a master degree in ethnomusicology (MA).  My research is about the health benefits of group chanting. 
I'm also a certified yoga teacher (ERYT 500) and have trained for more than 20 years in asana, mindfulness mantra and energy healing in Canada, India Australia with my dear teachers Yogrishi Vishvketu and Sri Sakthi Amma.and Shakti Durga

"Sun-kissed tones and soulful lyrics..." 
Creating music is an honour.

You can book me for a live concert, check out a soundbath journey or kirtan group chanting.  
My recorded discography includes original folk-pop songs and sacred mantras and sound. All of my music is available on this website or check me out on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc as Tiffany Sparrow.
Other ways to get me are to work with me 1 on 1 or book me for a group session.  Check out my healing immersion containers or maybe even consider learning to lead group sound healing. 
Or simply just drop me a line on my contact page. I look forward to hearing and seeing you!

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