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DAY 13


Spiritual Energy & Connection for Better Body Image

Jennifer Urezzio

Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Soul

Key Topics

  • What your soul has to do with body image 

  • How beliefs impact how we see ourselves and what we love about ourselves

  • How connecting with soul can support 

  • How to see yourself through the eyes of soul a new way of being, feeling and acting

  • Soul Language demo

Creating a Sacred Practice that Works
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Kim Shakti Durga

Spiritual Solutions to Body Image Issues

Key Topics

  • How spirituality relates to embodiment 

  • Why negative body image is such an issue for so many people

  • How ego and higher self intersect and create negative body image

  • How spiritual energy practices can help with body image

Body Beautiful Meditation Quickies
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Daksha Madhu

Meditation to Know the Sacred Power

in The Body

Key Topics

  • What is meditation 

  • Different ways to meditate (NOT just stilling the mind)

  • What it means to alchemize past pain & how this impacts our body

  • The sacred power in our bodies

The World Tour of Meditation
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