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How you Think Others See You is an Inside Job

Prem Kalpa

Relationships & Body Image:

Sexy & Stable is an Inside Job

Key Topics

  • How a negative body image can impact intimate relationships.   

  • Our critical voices, their underlying positive purposes and what can be done 

  • How intimacy can help heal our relationship with our body

Tools for Bossing Sexy, Stable and More Than Enough
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Joseph Drumheller

Healing our Perceptions of Beauty:

Subconscious Mind and Hypnotherapy

Key Topics

  • What shapes our subconscious perceptions of our body, beauty and our self

  • How to start to unwind the tight knots these perceptions can tie us in.  

  • 4 pillars of spirituality and the 1 pillar you can focus on to help drop body image baggage

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Creating a Healthy Body Image
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Katharina Kunz

Body Betrayal to Liberation:

How to Feel at Home in your Body

Key Topics

  • Body betrayal and where it starts

  • Perfection as an infection

  • Move from awareness to living freedom in your body

  • A tool for aligning a new way of being in our bodies

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Three Keys to Unleashing Optimal Health, Vibrancy and Body Freedom
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