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Coaching, Concerts, Sound Therapy,
Kirtan, Courses and Workshops



Dissolve the Weight of Body Betrayal and Claim your Real Radiance  and Home in your Own Skin

Weighed down by overwhelming emotions, low self-esteem,  and shame? Wasting precious time and dollars in cycles of stress eating, dieting, restricting, over-exercising without real results. Turning down events, gatherings, career opps, hating the way you feel and look? Imagine this instead:  

    · Loving your buck naked reflection in the mirror.

    · Unlocking your personal healing codes that release you from 

       your toxic relationship with your body
    · Saying “heck yes” to offers - rocking that event, selfie, live vid,

      dress etc. - because you no longer hate your weight.



Events: House Concerts & Performances 


If you’re looking for a spirited artist to perform at your house concert or event, look no further. With clear, sunkissed vocals, Tiffany Sparrow performs her original tunes in ‘girl n guitar style’ with a mix of specially curated cover songs, supported by intriguing world music instruments. Her song lyrics are honest and offer messages about facing the challenges and the beauty of the human journey.

Available both as a solo act or with session musicians across a variety of venues in the Edmonton area. Check the events page for upcoming performances.

Tiffany Singing Bowls-35.jpg

Soundtherapy: Soundbath Journeys


Sound therapy is a meditative vibrational sound experience. In sessions, vibro-acoustic sound combines with guided journeys, inner archetype journeys breath and tuning forks placed around the body. 

Lie back and receive this vibro-acoustic massage. Breathe, rest, receive and be taken on this journey and guided meditation. 

Enjoy the vibrations of crystal sound, metal singing bowls, drones, drums, rattles, hand pans and vocal tones, improvised and created in each unique session. 

This intentional use of sound vibration can help you release stagnation in body, energy field and mind as well as restore and replenish to your personal vibration.


Online Group: Sing Pray Heal - Medicine Songs & Kirtan


Connect with the power of your personal sound. Reclaim your voice. Nurture your bodily and mental wellbeing.

Through song, sound, your intention and the collective vibe, come expand and rest in the growing awareness of your true nature, which is unconditional love and acceptance. Connect with yourself and others in this sound community from the comfort of your own home.


Kirtan is a call and response group singing practice where Sanskrit mantras and uplifting lyrics are sung in melodic chants. Lift your voice, release and connect in this meditative and ecstatic communal prayer.


Courses and Workshops:

Meditation, Mantra,Teacher Trainings


Courses for your personal development and growth.

Tiffany Sparrow is a 500 hr certified yoga teacher through Akhanda Yoga and has been leading posture yoga classes since 2004. 

She is a sought after guest teacher for yoga teacher trainings, specializing in teaching about mantra, the subtle body (cakras) and aspects of yogic philosophy (the 8 limbs, lifestyle, history).  She has taught for Trinity Yoga, Himalayan Yoga Valley, Empowered Yoga, Yoga for Today and That Yoga Place.

She can be found subbing flow classes around the Edmonton area or leading students into the depths of restorative and yoga nidra.

Click here to see what else Tiffany has to offer.

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