Sound Therapy Practitioner Training Level 1

  • Is Sound your healer and medicine? Can you feel the power and impact it has on you? Do you want to learn more about how to access and use the power of sound for your own transformation and offer to others?

    This is a 12-week individualized immersion where you will receive theory instruction layered with practical hands on experience as well as your own personal healing sessions.

    Cost is only 535 per month. 


    • Understand why sound is such a useful healing art (and the science behind it)

    • Learn how to use the elements of sound for healing and transformation

    • Get to know the basics of using singing bowls, crystal sound, voice, percussion and more instruments for wellness. Get practical tips and practice on how to use/play different instruments.

    • Integrate theory with hands on personal healing sessions + practice

    • Learn  about the history of sound as therapy,

    • Explore the elements of music (what are they and how to use them)
    • Enjoy your own personal healing sessions to clear anything you are working on

    In this course I combine my years of experience as a clinical music therapist, yoga instructor and sound therapist to give you the essentials to start you on your journey.  This course is the first of 3 levels.

    •1597.00 (payment plans available)