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This mala invokes the goddess Saraswati.

Accessing Saraswati archetype within allows us to access our creativity, create with Wisdom and Knowledge and speak with clarity.

Saraswati is the counterpart of Brahma, the cosmic creator, and the Goddess of knowledge.

She gives wisdom, intelligence and good memory along with skill in the fine arts, music, dance and literature. She is worshipped for learning and education, and communication.

Saraswati - I Create from Wisdom

  • This mala was created while chanting and praying. It has been blessed on my altar and infused with light and love.

    Is has been made with high-quality crystal beads to absorb the vibration of the mantra

    Each mala has 27 beads, 1/4 of a full mala (chant 4 times around to complete a full practice)

    Use this mala for your mantra practice and wear throughout the day to anchor the essence of the mantra into your body and energy field.  

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