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Does this sound like you?


✨ You know embodied sound is part of your medicine but don't quite know where to start

✨ You want to learn to harness the power of sound, and how to effectively use key sound instruments as transformational tools   

✨You're ready to reclaim your authentic voice and connect with your signature vibrational expression

✨ You're longing to uplevel your life and your work, to step into your healing gifts and be of service to others in meaningful ways?


Transform your life through embodied sound!


In this Sound Alchemy certification, experience the power of embodied sound, release and heal your expression wounds, expand your knowledge and unleash your ability to use sound as a transformational tool for yourself and others.



* Design and facilitate well-balanced group sound bath/sound healing sessions by harnessing the healing power of sound 

* Use sound and instruments to tap into the essence of you are, release the trauma and conditioning that has kept you stuck

* Anchor confidence and the courage to be heard and seen 

* Experience deep satisfaction knowing you’re able to serve others and contribute to the betterment of the world in a meaningful enjoyable way. 

* Unlock your voice and fall in love with your signature vibration and liberated expression:  find more comfort and ease in speaking, singing and acting more authentically and unapologetically in personal and professional life.

* Tap in to your natural musical skill (we all have it, it's our birthright) by learning to play at least 6 core healing instruments and how use the elements of sound for healing benefit.

* Awaken your intuitive connection, your healing skills and ability to tap in and access  your creativity and flow

* Serve others deeply through learning trauma informed facilitation, holding space for emotions, embodiment techniques and guided meditations to enhance the sound flow

* Feel empowered  in your leadership and ability to hold space and be an effective guide for others

* Gain new momentum and expand the vibration in your business and life

* Experience the fulfillment that comes with clarity and alignment in the “work” you do

and satisfaction of being on purpose 


This is a sacred 12 month container where you will grow, expand and evolve through sound and embodiment

If you resonate and are ready to take the next step, book a call with me at:



Each module includes:

1. Tutorials and lecture learning (1.5 – 2 hours)

  •  Information sharing from research and experience

  • Demos and experiential activities

  • Presentations with visual slides - Slides will be sent to you for your note taking

  • All tutorials are pre-recorded videos so you can watch on demand at your own pace and any time that works for you!


2. Live session and play time with me (1- 1.5 hours)

  • Review, Q n A and troubleshoot lesson content

  • Live playing and practice 
  • Timing TBD


3. Experiential activities 

  • Hands on learning to deepen your understanding, skill
  • Based on the module topic
  • Demos and hands on playing and experiences
  • Personal development and transformational experiences


4. Om-Work Activities

  • Practice
  • Self-healing with sound
  • Reflective journal (submitted to show completion)


5. Practicum  At the halfway mark, you will 

  • Lead 5 small groups of family and friends (can be 1 or 2 people)

  • Get written feedback from participants

  • Video one session to submit for review as part of your certification.


6. Quarterly Progress Check ins

  • Meet with me 1:1 to
  • Explore your intentions/goals & personalize your experience
  • Make sure everything is working for you.


7. Unlimited email access & Facebook Group

  • To connect with me regularly and others in the group.


Course Content

  • Healing, Personal Development, Transformation, Personal Alchemy     

    Ongoing self healing so you can hold space for others

    Meditations, Journeys and Embodied processes for transformation

    Self-healing with sound, hands-on practice, reflective journal.

  • Vocal liberation Program (8k value)

    Free your authentic expression in the world

    Transform critical voice, allow yourself to be seen and heard

    Reclaim vocal innocence, connect with channelled intuitive expression

  • Instruments for Sound Journeys

     How to play 6 core sound instruments and to use them for healing rather than performance. Gaia Chimes, Metal bowls, crystal bowls, hand drum, shakers, tingshas and voice Bonus if desired – hand pan and flute

  • Sound Healing Foundations and Sound Science.

    Sound benefits & myths, Sound healing techs, history of sound as healer, elements of sound, deep embodied listening,

  • Leadership and Facilitation Skills

    Steps for leading sessions, Holding space for emotions, trauma informed facilitation, safe and powerful sounding, boundaries, self care for healers

  • Business development

    Guided support to make your course investment doing what you love

    Information and best practices

    Exploring passion, niche and how you really want to express your sound skills

    Sacred Money Explorations



This certification is for you if:

•You know intentional sound is part of your medicine but you just need knowledge, skill or the confidence to access it.

•You want to know how to use sound safely as a wellness tool for yourself and others.

•You’re ready to take your own personal healing to a whole new level.

•You’re already practicing as a yoga teacher/coach/massage therapist and want to offer more powerful transformations for clients.

•You’re a musician who knows there’s more to music than performance and entertainment.

•You’re ready to increase your personal vibration for manifestation.


The Sound Alchemy Mentorship draws on my years of experience as a clinical music therapist, yoga instructor and sound therapist to give you the essentials to take you deep into your journey of sound.  

The tools provided enable facilitation for groups for the purpose of wellness and development.


Sound Healer Certification

  • "The medicine of the future will be music and sound"

    ~Edgar Cayce



  • Watch the Magic of Sound Masterclass and gain more clarity on keys for healing with sound and how to become and sound practitioner

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